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Nimshi Innovative Technology Manufacturers (NITEM) is a leading manufacturer of the world’s finest Gypsum for internal plaster. Our facility is fully computerized and manned by experts in the field. NTEM Gypsum is manufactured using highest grade of raw Gypsum sourced from across the globe. Being pure white in color and having
a hardness of about 50% more than any other Gypsum Plaste available from India a fineness of over 200 mesh and purity of near 100% gives the best atomic bond and a perfect mirror finish. Plus, it saves you valuable time and money in painting. All this makes it world class product and the highest grade of Gypsum in the construction arena, NITEM’s Gypsum cuts your dependence on cement, sand, labor for curing
or wall putty for internal plaster works.

Our Gypsum is a single coat application product that replaces sand-cement and putty works. It can be applied directly over any brick work, concrete surface, all kinds of blocks. Being a self curing material you can start painting your chosen color once it dries.